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Video Tour FlorenceThe cradle of the Renaissance, home to wonderful works of art loved the world over. Michelangelo, Giotto, Botticelli, DellaRobbia, Pontormo just to be a name dropper.
Florence is an art and culture lover’s paradise. However this charming Tuscan city with a population of just 400,000 offers so much more. You can pass an entire holiday in Florence without entering a museum and still go home fulfilled.
The ocre or terracotta hue that the streets and rooves take when seen from the various panoramic view points above the city in the morning or evening light are unique.
The narrow cobbled viuzze, tiny medieval streets, the enchanting artisan shops in the left bank area which still hand craft or produce their goods, the tempting gelateria with every flavour and colour of icecream under the sun topped by whole fresh fruits, the elegant boutiques and trendy individual shops, the quiet understated elegance of the real florentine inhabitants all lend a unrepeatable air to a Florentine sojourn.
From our open top buses you will be a privaleged observer to all of this and more.
This spring has seen the arrival of bright new bus es to start the new route to Fiesole, the Etruscan hill town just a few kilometres out of Florence which no trip to the city would be complete without visiting.
As well as the stunning panoramic views over the Tuscan countryside the opportunity for cultural visits are well worth the trip. The Roman amphitheatre, the Cathedral, the Civic museum, to name just a few and of course the splendid paths and trails which lend themselves so well for trekking or strolling.
This is an ideal itinerary for relaxing after the hustle and bustle of the city. Sit back and let your driver slowly take you along the winding country roads. Sunset is especially magical and quite romantic!

  Tour Details
  Mainline Station:
  Line A: Transito Staz. Centrale di Firenze (S.M. Novella)
  Line B: Transito Staz. Centrale di Firenze (S.M. Novella)
  Line A: 60'
  Line B: 120'
  Line A: from 15 Sep. to 2 Nov. 2014 15' - from 18.00 30'
  from 3 Nov. 2014 to 22 Mar. 2015 mon-tue-wed-thu-fri 60'
  sat-sun-festive and from 20 Dec. 2014 to 6 Jan. 2015 30'
  Line B: from 15 Sep. to 2 Nov. 2014 60'
  from 3 Nov. 2014 to 22 Mar. 2015 10,15 - 12,15 - 14,15
  Line A: All year round
  Line B: All year round
  Valid ticket:
  48 hrs, 1 day and 3 days for all lines
  Multilingual Commentary
Wheelchair welcome
  Wheelchair welcome
  Line A+B: € 25,00 (48h valid ticket)
  Line A+B: € 20,00 (1 day valid ticket)
  Line A+B: € 30,00 (3 days valid ticket)
  Children (between 5 – 15 years old):
  Line A+B: € 12,50 (48h valid ticket)
  Line A+B: € 10,00 (1 day valid ticket)
  Line A+B: € 15,00 (3 days valid ticket)
  Family (2 adults + 3 children):
  Line A+B: € 75,00 (48h valid ticket)
  Line A+B: € 60,00 (1 day valid ticket)
  Line A+B: € 90,00 (3 days valid ticket)
  Tutti i biglietti sono integrati ataf e pertanto sono   validi sui bus ataf per la durata del biglietto emesso
  Con lo stesso biglietto si puo’ salire sulla linea c   gestita da florentia bus per la tratta firenze-fiesole

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